Welcome to our website and thanks for visiting! If you are interested in a custom new home, office, or remodel you are in the right place! Brad Lambert Construction is a custom builder located in the north-eastern part of Oklahoma. We do everything from completely custom homes from the ground up all the way to simple, one room remodel.

Brad is a third generation carpenter, craftsman from the Oolagah Lake area. He learned his trade from his grandfather and father (both of whom were expert craftsmen). Brad is always focused on producing a home that is of the highest quality. He goes the extra mile to ensure the future owners of the home or office are completely satisfied. Brad is best known for his custom cabinetry, trim carpentry, and the overall quality of each project that he has completed.

When you decide to use Brad Lambert Construction, you can count on a unique and beautiful home of superior quality. If you have any questions please contact us and if you are interested in getting a custom built quote you can request a quote. Thanks again for taking the time to visit our site and looking at our past work and what our previous customers have to say about us.

Brad and Joy